Evanios Operations and Monitoring has been tested for compatibility with ServiceNow New York.  When upgrading to New York, please confirm that Evanios and the Evanios agent are both upgraded to the most recent supported releases.

At time this article was published, the most recent Evanios versions are:

  • Evanios Operations - Charlotte R1
  • Evanios Monitoring - Charlotte
  • Evanios agent - version 090618

For versions of ServiceNow Madrid and higher, an Oracle Java JRE must be installed as the agent is not compatible with the Open JDK version of Java bundled with Madrid and higher versions of the ServiceNow MID Server.  For information on installing the supported Oracle JRE, see our doc: https://support.evanios.com/support/solutions/articles/19000107800-supported-jres

For information on upgrading Evanios, see our upgrade doc: https://support.evanios.com/support/solutions/articles/19000104724-upgrading-evanios