With the release of ServiceNow Madrid, the MID Server installer package now includes a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) built specifically for ServiceNow, which is incompatible with the Evanios Agent. The Evanios agent was bult to run with an Oracle Java JRE, which was installed with the ServiceNow MID server prior to the London release. When installing or upgrading MID servers to Madrid or higher, you must install an Oracle JRE separately. Once installed, the Evanios integration agent properties will need to be updated with an Alternate JDK path to ensure that the Oracle version of Java is used to start the agent.

The supported JRE version required for the Evanios integration agent is any version in the Java 1.8 family, later than 1.8.0_152. Java 9 and 10 families are not supported. Both the 32 bit and 64-bit versions of the JRE are supported in their respective OS.

Installing Java

Download the Oracle JRE from the Java SE Development Kit 8 Downloads page.  Ensure that you select the appropriate version for your OS.  You will need to accept the license agreement before downloading.


After downloading the JRE, follow the installation instructions provided by the Oracle installer.

Updating Agent Properties

Once the Oracle JRE has been installed, the Agent will need to be configured with an alternate JDK path.

  1. Navigate to Evanios Operations > Integrations > Integration Agents
  2. Select an integration agent
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. In the Alternative jdk path field enter location of the JRE.  Do not include the .exe file extension.
  5. Click Update